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"To me diamonds are like punctuation. They are essential to finish a design or a look.They are the touch that will make the difference." @clemencelovesdiamonds, Creative Director & Gemologist, at NYF Jewellery

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Did you know? A natural diamond starts its journey very deep in the earth, on average 1.3 Billion years ago. In times of fast fashion and high volatility of trends arising, we want to offer quality, stable, sustainable, long lasting jewellery. Therefore our timeless pieces are offered throughout many seasons and can be part of your jewellery box for the next decades. As diamonds are forever, our jewellery is too.

The Soap Store

What is NYF ?

nyf /'ni:f/ noun fem

1. The “nyf” is a geological term, and the name of the exterior layer or skin of a rough diamond. The “nyf” looks like a dull protective skin over a brilliant body. Even though, at first, one might not think this rough diamond is even a crystal, there is something about it which attracts the eye and unmistakably differentiates it from all other stones. As the diamond cutter will cut the first facet, he will let the shine and brilliance appear for all to fall enamoured with it.
NYF, the jewel is inside.

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Designed by our gemologist, all of our products are hand-made in 14 karat gold and natural diamonds, in Italy.

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