About us

Welcome to NYF!

We’re laying the foundation for a jewellery movement that celebrates real girls, in real life. NYF is a small family run fashion jewellery brand. Our pieces are for everyday wear, for the girl about town, or the desk bound queen, the date night chick or for girl gang soirées. Because jewellery should be fun, easy, beautiful, and personal. Above all, we believe that diamonds and gold should be part of your everyday wardrobe.


Clémence, Caroline & Edouard

Step forward and be seduced by the power of NYF Jewellery’s instant, easy-to-wear urban chic minimalism.

NYF is indeed a fine jewellery line that advocates natural diamonds set in gold, as second skin, gentle accents, while keeping it substantially affordable.

Too good to be true? Think again!

NYF Jewellery offers the chance to own and wear the real deal, i.e. real gemstones that have been carefully selected for their certified quality, and they won’t break the bank.

Scintillating diamonds pepper delicate chains; brilliant and baguette cuts are paired together; graceful pearls sit on diamond-paved curved bars; ear cuffs appear as elegant brushstrokes…

This subtle collection is anti-statement jewellery at its finest, defined not by ostentatious wealth but by pared-down, formalistic sensibility.

In other words, this is fine jewellery for real girls and discerning women, who want to be able to effortlessly wear their diamonds 24/7, no matter where they are or what time it is. 

To fully appreciate NYF Jewellery, you have to understand that it was created by a passionate young gemologist, @clemencelovesdiamonds, unsurprisingly with a predilection for¬†natural diamonds (did you know that ‚Äėnyf‚Äô is the scientific name for the skin that covers a rough diamond?). Besides by keeping an eye on the zeitgeist, NYF‚Äôs founder intuitively grasps what makes women tick when it comes to wearing diamonds.

With the help of her mother, Caroline, and brother, Edouard, Clémence has established what has always been a long-time dream, a project that was carefully calibrated over the years: creating real diamond jewellery that would have a low-key factor, underpinned by a sense of purity with cool edginess, that transcends fashion trends to be forever relevant.