NYF Jewellery pieces are made with precious materials and metals. Depending on their properties, certain materials require specific care.

To preserve the beauty of your jewellery piece over time, we recommend the following precautions:

Daily wear

We recommend that you avoid exposing your piece to scent, soap, chemicals or cosmetics, as these could affect its colour and aspect. It is best to wait until scent and cosmetics are completely dry before wearing your jewellery.

It is important not to expose your piece to water (fresh, chlorinated or salty).

We generally recommend that you do not wear your jewellery when performing certain activities (sports, gardening, etc.) to prevent it from being knocked or from coming into contact with harmful products.

Cleaning and storing

We recommend cleaning your jewellery delicately with a soft and old toothbrush.

Each NYF Jewellery piece should ideally be stored in its own fabric-lined case, to prevent it from being knocked or scratched when unworn.


Diamond is the most sparkling and hardest of all minerals, which means that it can scratch other materials. Therefore, we advise you to store your pieces set with diamonds separately.

Diamonds attract greasy substances (for example hand cream), which dulls their sparkle. To clean diamonds, use a soft toothbrush and a little neutral-pH liquid soap, rinse with fresh warm water, and dry with a soft dry cloth.


Born inside a sea shell, Pearls selected by NYF Jewellery are remarkable for their lustrous shine and delicate iridescent reflections. They are not enhanced by contact with water, because a gradual absorption effect can occur. Clean your Pearls delicately using a soft dry cloth.

As Pearls are a naturally soft substance, small scratches can appear on the surface.



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