Our Promise

Our Craftmanship

All of our creations are handmade in small workshops around the world. Our specialists are the best at what they do and this is why we work with them. Our craftsmen are particularly good at saving and avoiding waste in the manufacturing process of any NYF Jewellery creation, thus serving you with the best value for money creations. 

At NYF Jewellery, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best craftsmanship for an affordable value, hoping to bring Diamond Jewellery back into your everyday accessories.

Our Diamonds

All of our Diamonds are part of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and are fair mined. Our Diamonds hand selected by our specialists. 

They are natural (this means they are genuine, not made in a Laboratory). We select our Diamonds according to the GIA’s criterias: G to H colour, and VS to SI clarity. These Diamonds are perfect from the naked eye and benefit from being a great value for money.

Our Pearls

Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with layers of mother-of-pearl.

Since natural pearls are now extremely rare, most of today’s pearls are produced using a grafting technique, whereby a shell bead is artificially inserted into the oyster, thus becoming cultured pearls.

All of our Pearls are hand selected by our specialists. Our Pearls are Cultured Akoya Pearls and are known for their high quality for small sizes. We mainly obtain our cultured pearls from Asia. 

Our Gold

All of our Gold is in a 14 carat mix alloy, standard for jewellery pieces. It is a mix of pure gold and the rest is made up of other more durable metal alloys used to add colour and strength.

Our Quality

Each NYF jewellery creation goes through an intense quality control at every step of its manufacturing, and again before it leaves our workshop. This way we can guarantee you a high quality creation, all the while aiming to be affordable.  



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